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50858 Cologne, Germany

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  • PE Systemtraining is founded in 2003 by Frank Garreis and Oliver Schumacher with its principal office in Cologne, Germany.

    Specialized in consistent systematic conception, organization and implementation of internal trainings, PE Systemtraining evolved into a prestigious provider for these comprehensive approaches. Today PE Systemtraining is a qualification partner for national and international businesses.

    Through cooperation with PE Systemtraining and a consistent implementation of development concepts, businesses were able to achieve the following results:

  • - leadership project 'DIE Apotheken AKADEMIE'
    - approbated pharmacists train their own employees on-site
    - Goal: High quality of consulting and improvement of profitability of the pharmacy

  • - Project leadership of GMS Akademie
    - Shoe Sellers train their own employees on-site
    - Increase in sales up to 20%

    Link to GMS Akademie

  • - Systematic training program with 12,000 employees in 14 countries
    - Local implementation of internal training
    - This company gets the best reviews from its customers
      and continues a consistent expansion.

    Link to this company

  • - eLearning integrated systematic training for 6,000 employees
    - Autonomous performance of presence trainings in all markets
    - Globus is the most customer-friendly hardware store in Germany
      (Kundenmonitor Deutschland)

    Link to this company

  • - Company-wide implementation of systematic training
    - Performance Coaching with all employees
    - The leading man’s clothier in Germany

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  • - Education of 120 specialist retailers into coaches for their own employees
    - Partners perform trainings and coachings on-site and on their own
    - This company is the leader in the upmarket tea business

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