Short Trainings

Researches in the psychology of learning have shown: On a long-term basis people only remember 10 – 15% of information that is presented to them. That means 85 – 90% gets lost! So does it make sense to perform a training session for one or even more consecutive days? We clearly say: No!

The concepts that we develop together with you are always short trainings, taking one to two hours. Employees will get information in advance. And executives who conduct the trainings will get exact instructions of what they are supposed to do.

This is efficient and successful. Because employees who get trained one hour every month are better at remembering what they’ve learned and at putting it into practice than employees who get trained for a whole day once a year.

Leading companies have realized that a while ago. They train their employees on a regular basis in short units. Also, they are not trained by external trainers but by their own executives.

This is how training becomes an integrative part of human resources.

“Short trainings on a regular basis are more effective than a two-day training every now and then.”